Top posts of the Telegram 4/15-4/22

“Give me a vision of the ETH future. Like fast forward 15-20 years – scaling solutions are in place, proof of stake works like a charm, transaction costs are virtually zero”

You have a smart agent you control working on your behalf. (Not Google, Not Amazon, Your own personal agent you control and that acts in your interests not in the interest of some huge corporation). It understands your preferences. It builds up a picture of your needs from your browser activity, location, and social activity) then negotiates with other agents and enters into contracts on your behalf so as to optimise your life.

You walk into a coffee shop and it has already pre-ordered you your coffee. The staff greet you by name and you swipe to instantly pay. The transaction is paid using a stable coin backed by a combination of crypto and tokenised hard assets.

As you drink it you order a new Ethereum home hub which will run your life. You track its progress as it moves through a transparent international supply chain, which ensures ethical sourcing and tamper proof handling, but this boring stuff like trade finance are not really your concern.

It arrives delivered by a crowdsourced delivery agent to the coffee shop you are in not your home address and you prove you ordered it using the universal identity system. The Ethereum home hub is a great product it will run all your IoT devices and Buy and sell electricity to save you money, Rents out your unused compute, internet access, or storage capacity, selling data like weather data from your IoT devices, rents out your drive to people who want to park or charge their car.

You made a whole chunk of money investing in crypto start ups and AI driven hedge funds, P2P lending and index funds manage most of your wealth and which trade on trusted decentralised exchanges. But you still work because its fun and you like to contribute to opensource science and the data-commons.

You check your message feed curated so as to optimise your attention and see a couple of interesting microjobs to do on ethlance and there are some strategic decisions you need to make in regard to your cooperative business venture and you make these through a collaborative process maybe creating a few prediction markets to understand the unknowns..

Your agent finds you a great outdoor event and books tickets for you, it knows if you don’t want to go you can just resell, and if it rains it has already entered into an insurance Insuring contract. Then it books you an taxi to take you there and you track its progress on your we-chat like universal remote mobile app. It also pre-books you a table at some nearby restaurants entering into a option contract and then re-selling on secondary markets.

After the event you come back home and maybe you watch a film that you invested in or settle down to listen to some music streamed live over a decentralised P2P network and with microfees going direct to the artists.

This is all possible because it runs on a single decentralised global computer which anyone can access, and which provides a level playing field for 3rd-party developers, creators, and businesses. This enables each business process, Dapp or economic system to be used like a software library . It creates a kind of open source economy where people can hack and build stuff on top of other stuff…… even more importantly if it were not decentralised but instead was controlled by a few big corporations and governments it would be an absolute fucking nightmare of surveillance, censorship and manipulation.”

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