A brief note on the necessity of Immutability.

Personally, I’m not a proponent on continuing with the potential parity hardfork.


The holy Trilemma of Cryptocurrency may in fact be  scalability, decentralization and security, and yet the underlying shared belief is entirely  contingent on the fact that there’s some innate sense of immutability.


After the DAO hack, Ethereum was in its infancy. I understood the need to fork  to invalidate hundreds of millions in potential funds from being fungible on behalf of a robber(s), yet I digress, because  it simply was not about the money back then. It was also the fact that Ethereum was not yet mature enough to continue to evolve with the divine intervention from Vitalik and company in an attempt to rectify a wrong of seismic proportions.


For parity,  a company with whose code was insufficient, forking to release the funds would be a continuation of a slippery slope, where now the DAO and Parity could be examples as to why a third or fourth hardfork would be necessary in the future. In essence, it creates an unescapable trend towards thinly veiled  mutability.


In layman’s terms,  Ether is like a natural gas( in an assumingely immutable system).

This is why splitting for parity would be a reason why I would sell 100% of my stack and move onto another project. If it’s not left untouched now, faith in the system is shaken on an unacceptable  scale, with the reinforcement of poorly planned  precedents.

The companies of tomorrow, or tokens , which are  really just nomenclature for a decentralized startup, will need ETHER to transact.

Right now it’s speculative, but I’m betting that Ethereum becomes the transport gas of the new internet, the hypernet, or whatever the new terms are.

I’m bullish long term because no other company has such a feasible roadmap and actuality to back it up.

Certainly not larimer’s science project(EOS).


Immutability, accountability, and informed consensus are paramount.

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